Bitmain opens an ASIC chip repair center in Russia

Bitmain, the Chinese company which specializes in creating ASIC chip to mine cryptocurrency has recently announced that they are starting a new repair center in Russia. This is a much-anticipated move since Russia houses one of the largest community of miners. Most of the miners use chips made by Bitmain enabling the Russian companies to get their mining rigs repaired by trusted hands rather than relying on local solutions as they did previously.

Prior to this, to repair any damaged chip they had to face a lot of problems. They had to send it all the way to China to get it repaired. They had to clear the customs on both sides and even pay the hefty bill for shipment. They also had to risk damage to the product in the process of shipping.

Alpesh, an investor says:

“Do not buy anything from bitmain they do not ship at time and then when you ask for refund they take 1,2 months for processing for refund and now even after giving this much time they say they have send refund 4 days ago but nothing showing up yet”

Now with the new center in Russia, miners and mining companies can worry less about repairing their damaged products. The center is located in Irkutsk, one of the largest city in Siberia.

All the damaged products can be sent to the center and the unrepairable products will be replaced by new products, considering they have a warranty.

Before sending them to the repair, customers have to fill a form which is made available on the company website. Once they get a clearance from Bitmain agents, the customers are requested to create a repair ticket by logging into the account.

Another Twitterati says:

“wait so bitmain is now in dire need of “staying competitive” when just last week they had an “unfair headstart” on their mining monopoly? which one is it?”

This the third repair center started by the company. They have one in Hong Kong and California. ASIC’s chip business is growing rapidly. Bitmain is also one of the biggest mining companies in the world. They have their own mining facilities set up in and around China.

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