BitcoinZ Blockchain Project Launches KioskZ to Revolutionize Hospitality Industry

Nowhere has the design of a free table-top hardware heard of except in the world of BitcoinZ digital space.

The entirely decentralized BitcoinZ community has been creating innovative ideas and developed tools that have been of immense help to the cryptocurrency world at large.

The company has hinged its existence solely on Bitcoin standards as well as doubled its privacy with zkSnarks, which is the reason for the Z behind the organizations name.
The World of BitconZst innovation. The community itself has introduced several activities that aim to propagate the gospel of cryptocurrency.

In a bid to promote this mission it has recently launched a new algorithm like Zhash, a lite Linux OS-ZhashOS as well as other marketing instruments with new exchange listings.
BitcoinZ is a free place where opinions and suggestions will not be given preference over another whether they be from longtime members or newbies.

All members will have equal rights to air their view

“The KioskZ is targeted towards restaurants that do not want to shell out $1000 for a Ziosk at every table. A fair decentralized global community, all about creating a Cryptocurrency that is a gift to the world, requires robust, unhinged thinking alongside technological innovation,” Rizzman 1000, the Lead developer on KiosZ of BitcoinZ quipped.

The vision of BitcoinZ is the foundation upon which KioskZ and cryptographic technology in the area of hospitality were birthed.

KioskZ will trade with only four coins once it is launched namely; Safecoin, BitcoinZ, Bitcoin and Litecoin, any other coin aside the above will attract a special fee.

According to the team, 2.5 Million BTCz is the cost for a coin to be listed on the platform, aside from the four currencies listed to appear on KioskZ for a period of 30days or one month.

It is worthy to note that any fund raised from KioskZ will be reinvested into the project to develop further and grow it globally.

There is also pooling of resources by SafeCoin and with BitcoinZ to ensure smooth and easy transactions for the users of KioskZ ensuring that the hospitality business and services have a sure place in the Cryptocurrency space.

KioskZ is encouraging and trying to attract more users and the community at large with the idea of a cost-saving free KioskZ with the ability to optimize time maximally
A strong and solid community has been established by BitcoinZ no doubt, and they will continue to keep a tab on activities within the community to ensure this whole innovation is a success story.

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