The Adult Site Pornhub Accepts Payments In Cryptocurrency

Verge Cryptocurrency Is Acceptable At Pornhub As A Payment

The famous adult site-Pornhub accepts payment in the form of cryptocurrency. The Company’s Vice President Corey Price has said that company from now onwards will accept the ‘Verge’ cryptocurrency as one of the payment methods. ‘Verge cryptocurrency’ that they are accepting is different from ‘the Verge’. Verge is one of the rebranded versions of Dogecoindark which got separated from the actual ‘meme coin’.

According to the VP of the company, they have chosen Verge cryptocurrency as the payment methods because of the anonymity they are providing to the users. Verge cryptocurrency transaction can be seen in a public ledger but they are providing an anonymity tool and layer I2P of the anonymous network to keep secret the locations and IP addresses in a specific transaction.

Corey also said that the verge (the differentiating edge) that Verge cryptocurrency offers is Security and Convenience. He further said that most crypto coins take high transfer fees that may be inconvenient for the users. There are companies such as Stripe and Valve which have stopped operating cryptocurrency for these two above-said reasons.

Verge cryptocurrency has always been showing a volatile nature, in December 2017, it was trading at $0.22 while other cryptocurrencies were soaring. From that value also it is dipped further down. But, today this announcement made it surge by 10 cents that too is far less than the popular ones like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

To the lower price, Corey said that although the price of the cryptocurrency is low, yet it sufficient for us to penetrate the market as of now. To take care of rules and regulations for making Verge cryptocurrency as a payment method the company has set a legal and accounting team that has assured Corey regarding the legitimacy of adoption.

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