The Ace Plan Of Ripple XRP

While investors in XRP may be feeling a tinge of disappointment regarding the crypto’s recent 5.9% drop in value, the smart money is on investment in Ripple being a long game – and here’s why:

Ripple is strengthening access to emerging markets in Brazil, India and China. Figures from the World Bank suggest that global remittance payments are on course to increase by approximately 3.4% – that’s $466 billion – in 2018, with two of the previously mentioned countries (India and China) having the highest incoming flows last year.

Emerging markets are home to 85% of the global population, accounting for nearly 60% of global GDP. With this comes a need for efficient, cost-effective and transparent payment systems – something which RippleNet provides.

Exciting new partnerships

Brazil’s largest private-sector financial institution (Itaú Unibanco) and a leading Indian bank (IndusInd) have announced plans to use Ripple’s xCurrent technology to facilitate quick and easy cross-border payments across the world.

In addition to this, RippleNet members have increased access to Southeast Asia, with over half a million transactions per year utilising RippleNet to connect customers with over 60 countries worldwide.

Do higher remittance payments mean higher XRP prices?

In short, yes. Ripple facilitates the transfer of money across international borders, and increased payments means increased XRP value. Ripple has already signed deals with three of the big five remittance providers in the world – MoneyGram International, Mercury Foreign Exchange Ltd and IDT Corporation – in what can only be a strategic move.

Remittance providers don’t pose huge risks to the global financial order, and in turn face much less regulation than the big banks. Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, likely understands this – and is on a mission to carve out some of the $466 billion available for Ripple.

Ultimately, when all three of these huge remittance providers agreed to use XRP, it set in motion the potential for a long-term increase in the value of XRP. Crypto analysts are cautiously predicting a $10 target for the currency by the end of 2018, making now the perfect time to invest.


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