This Is What Makes People Lose the Most Sleep

How much sleep do people need? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), sleep requirements vary by age. A child aged 3 to 5 years old needs 10 hours to 13 hours. A person 65 or older needs 7 to 8 hours.

What are known as “sleep disorders” can have serious consequences. Some of these disorders include insomnia and sleep apnea (also known as snoring). Among the most dangerous consequences are drowsy driving, a significant cause of accidents. The CDC data also shows that the amount of sleep people get varies from state to state and country to county.

A new list of the major reasons people lose sleep from mattress maker and retailer PlushBeds is based on data from 1,003 respondents queried through Amazon MTurk. Of those participants, 56% were men and 44% were women.

The foundation of the study was “Whether it’s politics, public health, personal finance, or family relationships, there’s no shortage of issues to be concerned about. The average person only has so much mental bandwidth, so it makes sense that something—in this case, sleep—has to give.”

The most common sleep stressor was “current political events,” which affected 65.9% of those polled. The portion of people who worry about this and do not get adequate sleep was 30.4%.

Next on the list of concerns was personal finances at 60.9% of those asked. Of these, 34.3% do not get adequate sleep. The list also includes worries about problems related to COVID-19 and the stock market.

People were also divided into categories of when sleep disturbances happen. Of these, 50.7% had trouble getting to sleep, 49.6% get up at night and 49.0% cannot stay asleep.

These are the 20 most common sleep stressors:

  • Current political events (65.9%)
  • Personal finances (60.9%)
  • Political leadership (60.0%)
  • Unvaccinated individuals (55.5%)
  • Supply chain issues (54.6%)
  • Family relationships (54.3%)
  • Work-life balance (53.1%)
  • Personal health issues (51.7%)
  • Holiday spending (49.7%)
  • Searching for a new job (49.4%)
  • Partner or significant other (48.4%)
  • Contracting COVID-19 (46.6%)
  • Housing markets (45.8%)
  • Upcoming holiday events (45.3%)
  • Vaccination mandates (44.6%)
  • Current job market (44.0%)
  • Children (43.7%)
  • Getting the COVID-19 vaccine (40.05%)
  • Favorite sports teams (39.2%)
  • Cryptocurrency markets (39.2%)
  • Stock market (38.7%)
  • NFT market (35.9%)

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