PixelPlex Offers Tuned dApp Development and Enterprise Blockchain Solutions, Arbitrage Platform Activated

PixelPlex, a global company offering dApp development and enterprise blockchain solutions, is unwavering and aims to leave an indelible mark in the booming sphere.

Launch of Arbitrage: A Bitcoin Trading Bot

The firm, which has offices in the U.S. and Japan, recently introduced a cryptocurrency platform dubbed Arbitrage

As the name suggests, the platform has an arbitrage bot as its key functionality. This way, PixelPlex recognizes trading as one of the primary drivers of crypto adoption and adoption. The Bitcoin arbitrage bot utilizes an ingeniously crafted algorithm that identifies potentially profitable trading opportunities. 

According to the development team, the Arbitrage bot is highly flexible and integrates several programming languages. Additionally, it was fine-tuned to be a practical blockchain solution resolving various trading needs, tapping its pricing feeds from some of the leading and wash trading free centralized exchanges like Binance, Kraken, Bitfinex, and others. 

The bot was developed in partnership with quant to allow automatic crypto trading without exposing the trader to excess risk or negatively impacting liquidity. 

PixelPlex in dApp Development and Rolling Out Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

Apart from the Arbitrage platform, the firm also offers dApp development. They state that their dApps snugly fit into any autonomous solution while adhering to an open principle, further helping creating a cyclic, symbiotic ecosystem enabled by their CryptoAPI

Accordingly, PixelPlex dApps satisfactorily meet technical requirements that define a high-performance dApp. Their dApps are fault-tolerant, transparent, secure, and open-source while allowing owners to grow a community.

The pulse of blockchain and smart contracts are set by dApps. Headlining dApps on Ethereum, for example, include Uniswap, which allows the trustless swapping of tokens. The protocol is the most active in DeFi, facilitating the exchanging of billions worth of tokens every week. Others include oracle providers, games, and other protocols that exist independently but rely on the base layer for security and reliability. 

In addition to dApp development, PixelPlex also assists firms in enterprise blockchain solutions. This way, companies interested in plunging into the developing, fast-paced blockchain world can have a dependable, ultra-secure solution, offering seamless asynchronous flows and boasting of high performance, subsequently helping save man-hours and increase profitability.

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