Amidst growing Cryptoverse, this Multi-Chain Launchpad Corestarter Gears up for Massive Public Launch

Crypto projects are gaining momentum with the increased utilities that they are bringing to the forefront. Currently, with projects working towards building the future metaverse, we can clearly see how traditional worlds have garnered traction due to the fascinating use-cases that they have bought to the digital world. Multi-chain Launchpads are the pre-requisites for the successful launch of crypto projects.  While traditional launchpad platforms are striving towards growing popularity, Corestarter is taking another route. 

Dual-IDO to Lure Crypto Investors followed by CEX Listings

The high-yield staking platform is gearing efforts to bring a unique experience to community users. As part of its upcoming milestone, CoreStarter has finally disclosed its public launch plan by conducting its Initial DEX Offering on Trustpad. It is a popular cross-chain launchpad for raising liquidity for DeFi projects. According to the official announcement, CoreStarter stated that its IDO will take place on the 15th of November.

The multi-chain protocol has also confirmed its upcoming sale on the 16th of November on its native platform. Through this, the project intends to allow users to experience the feel of its platform and drive massive traction. As per the current marketing initiatives, the project has already started its whitelisting processes for the smooth flow of its public launch. 

The project has confirmed its listing on leading exchange platforms, and Raydium scheduled for the 18th of November. The news arrives a week after the platform has successfully concluded its seed and private sale raising $1.32M from leading blockchain investors.

Boost to the Governance System and the Staking Program

In an exclusive interview, the project expressed that one of their core concepts is to create an equal earning opportunity where small investors aren’t marginalized because of their investments. The norm has always rewarded users proportionately as per the size of their stakes, leaving small investors at redressal. The project’s main idea is to amend this.

Following the projects upcoming IDO, users will be able to stake their tokens to start earning rewards without any hassles or delays. The model also motivates stakers with fewer tokens to scale through the six tiers of the system and beat the top tier through their journey.

Accomplishing the Milestones

The primary use-case of the $CSTR token includes allowing early adopters and users to participate in the projects launching on Corestarter’s native launchpad. Other perks included will allow users to participate in staking initiatives, governance, and purchases on the future NFT Marketplace. As central to the incentivization structure, the token will also be instrumental in empowering users to flurry community decisions.

 With a multi-chain approach and solid roadmap, Corestarter is one the accredited startups in the space. With the successful completion of major milestones in its launch journey, it is evident that the project will continue to prioritize its growth areas. The project is currently strategizing on its mainnet launch, blockchain integrations and NFT Game Development for future quarters.

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