Request Network Teams Up With Wikimedia France For Cryptocurrency Donations

Request Network, which describes itself as an Ethereum-based decentralized network that allows anyone, anywhere to request a payment, entered a partnership with Wikimedia France to help the latter integrate Blockchain technology into its platform.

The first concrete application of this partnership will be the integration of cryptocurrency donations, Request Network said.

The pilot will be led by Wikimedia France that will soon start allowing its donors to support projects with any digital currency.

The partnership with the Request Network Foundation will help Wikimedia France provide donors trust and transparency as the Blockchain technology offers a total and permanent visibility of the collected amount.

The Blockchain also ensures donations can be made seamlessly, thanks to a public Ethereum address that will allow each donor to see donations happening in real-time.

Wikimedia France is now able to decentralize their fund-raising efforts and to repeat the success it had in decentralizing educational content.

Recipients can directly access all the funds raised, thus avoiding possible interference of a third-party. They can use funds instantly.

Request Network has been on Ethereum mainnet for nearly a month and over 200 requests have been created successfully since then.

The Request Network Foundation also announced the launch of the first WooCommerce plugin that uses the Request Network to accept cryptocurrencies. The plugin was handcrafted by Adam (AdmREQ), an active developer from the Request Network Hub.

The WooCommerce plugin has no fees or hidden costs and allows a business to integrate a cryptocurrency payment gateway within its existing eCommerce environment.

Data from internet research profiler BuiltWith showed that WooCommerce claimed 42 percent market share of all eCommerce websites.

by Jyotsna VRTTNews Staff Writer

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