The first Bitcoin-robbers detained in Taiwan

Police in Taiwan have arrested four men for robbery using crypto currency.

The first in Taiwan case of arrest for robbery because of Bitcoin occurred recently. Police arrested four suspects in an attack on the owner of Bitcoin.

Harsh everyday life of Taiwanese cryptophanates

It is assumed that the attackers lured the owner of the crypto currency named Tai, under the pretext of buying Bitcoin.

When the suspects were convinced that Bitcoin had Taya, they attacked him and forced him to transfer the address of the 18 BTC through the smartphone.

But on this misadventure of Taya did not end. The suspects forced him to drink a strong liquor from the local spill, so Ty could not call the police while he was drunk.

However, the police were not deceived. The first suspect was detained at once, the other two managed to reach the island of Kinmen only. The organizer of the robbery was also found and arrested. Aljazeera.

A similar case occurred in New York, at the end of last year. American intruder forced his friend to transfer to his wallet Ethereum.

Author: Evgenij Novožilov, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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