Bitcoin compared with a cute goat

American TV presenter Ellen Degeners took the audience's shock, explaining that Bitcoin does not exist outside the Internet and compared this crypto currency with a goat.

Degeners asked a question from the audience who heard in Bitcoin, after applause, she asked who can explain what Bitcoin is, then she answered her own question:

"No one knows how this works. No one. Everyone talks about Bitcoin, and no one understands it. It's like a plot twist in an intricate film. ".

Her comparison of the digital nature of Bitcoin with a similar picture of a cute goat that exists only on the Internet does not fully convey a clear understanding of the crypto currency, Degeners correctly explains that Bitcoin is working "like the stock market" and that it can save BTC in a digital wallet that can be disabled.

Because of the recent volatility of the market, which lowered the price of Bitcoin from twenty thousand dollars to less than seven thousand dollars, Degeners said that this system can give you everything or nothing, make you a millionaire or a beggar.

Insufficient consumer understanding of crypto currency is often cited as a reason for the need for regulation by the state. Regulators of the European Union again warned potential crypto-currency investors from investing in the digital currency.

Author: Andrey, analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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