Bitcoin-CBOE futures closed, the price of Bitcoin is growing

Fears before the espiration of futures were not justified.

14 February there was an espiration of futures on the stock exchange OWN. Before the close of positions, there was a fear that this would negatively affect the value of Bitcoin, due to the fact that when futures closed in January, both on YOUR and SME, this was accompanied by a decrease in the value of the crypto currency.

However, this time the closure of futures either did not affect the dynamics of the Bitcoin exchange rate, or it affected positively. At least, after the closure of futures Bitcoin has risen in price to almost 10000 dollars.

At the same time, Bitcoin futures did not negatively affect the stock exchanges either. So, according to the credit agency Moody 's, a credit rating rating of both, and CME Group or its OWN remained the same.

However, Moody's warned about a possible increase in the requirements for the CME Group or OWN, due to the continuing volatility. But despite the possible tightening of requirements, the increase in the price of Bitcoin after escaping OWN and the stable rating of the exchange in connection with crypto currency futures are very good news.

The next espiration, already on CME, is scheduled for 23 February.

Author: Evgenij Novožilov, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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