Verge [XVG]’s overall volume drops by over 30% in the past 24 hours after the partnership with PornHub

Verge announced its partnership with PornHub yesterday. The news has left most of the cryptocurrency enthusiasts totally flabbergasted. Pornhub accepts Verge [XVG] cryptocurrencies as one of the payment options now on all Pornhub purchases including Pornhub Premium, HD, and on-demand services. Some of the sister sites of Pornhub is also accepting the cryptocurrency now.

Pornhub officials believe that Verge is anonymity focused when compared to other currencies in the market. Verge has a private ledger for users who opt to keep their transactions anonymous.

Corey Price, VP of Pornhub says:

“The volatility of crypto is concerning for subscriptions with recurring payments.”

He continued:

“Right now, we are not offering it for recurring payments, though we are in the process of working to do so. Our services have fixed prices in fiat so the value in cryptocurrency will change”

Corey Price mentioned that though overall adoption is comparatively low, it has gained enough steam for the firm to penetrate the market.

There were huge sentiments across the market about Verge’s new partnership and it was concealed up until 2:00 PM UTC on 17th April. They finally announced their partnership with Pornhub, after which there was a huge drop in price and the coin reversed the gains it had previously.

The coin is currently trading at $0.074 with a fluctuating market cap of $1.091 billion at 7:45 AM UTC. The overall volume has declined by 30% in the past 24 hours.

Pornhub also released a promotional video which shows the changes that can occur in future with its collaboration with Verge.

A Twitterati says:

“Promotional video is just absolutely amazing.”

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