Got $45 Million in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Ripple? Buy a House Near Fifth Avenue

Listing properties for Bitcoin is an emerging trend. Now, one cryptocurrency believer is opening up his six-story brick-and-mortar home on New York’s Upper East Side for purchase with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

Living Large

If you’re a resident of New York and looking to move up to the big leagues, a 22-foot-wide, six-story, marble-and-limestone house at East 76th Street near Fifth Avenue is now available for purchase with the three leading cryptocurrencies.

The property in question was built in 1904 and belongs to big-time hedge fund manager and blockchain investor Claudio Guazzoni de Zanett, whose family all lived in the large home at one point. He told The Wall Street Journal that the home is now simply too large for their needs, with entire floors going more-or-less unused.

In addition to being huge and in a wealthy neighborhood, Zannett the property’s rooftop terrace features a panoramic view of the city.

Zanett is selling his expensive property on New York’s Upper East Side for $45 million in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Ripple (XRP) – which is notably more expensive than the $29.95 million price tag in USD.

The steeper digital currency price-tag has been attached to the high-class property in large part due to digital currencies’ extreme volatility. The seller told The Wall Street Journal:

I’m a true believer in these networks, but it’s very volatile. They could be down 60 percent in two weeks.

And They Said Bitcoin Has No Value…

Zanett’s house is not the first property to go up for sale with Bitcoin.

In February, Washington, D.C.’s Coloma River Capital and the Alex Venditti Group of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage began accepting Bitcoin for down, partial, or full payment at four new properties in St. James Place Condos—each featuring white oak hardwood floors, soapstone counters, stainless-steel appliances, and recessed lighting.

That same month, Ultimo lingerie tycoon Michelle Mone and her billionaire boyfriend, Doug Barrowman, sold out all 50 of their 1,300 Dubai developments available for Bitcoin.

Ireland’s largest home builder recently began accepting Bitcoin for new properties, with the company’s managing director explaining:

Bitcoin is an innovative new payment method and essentially a new kind of money. It is very similar to a cash transaction. There has been a significant growth in the use of Bitcoin worldwide and our acceptance of this new channel reflects our willingness to respond to the market.

If you had $45 million in Bitcoin, would you use it to buy property? Let us know what you’d spend it on in the comments below!

Images courtesy of CNBC, Pixabay, Douglas Elliman

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