Despite today’s slide, Cardano [ADA] going up the ladder, slow and steady!

Cardano [ADA] is currently trading at a price of $0.35 with a hike of 22.75% in the past 7 days. Although its prices went down by 3.10% in the past 24 hours, it overtook Litecoin [LTC] by $750 million on April 28th and manages to maintain the 6th position.

Dominic, the founder of Pay with LTC tweeted:

“Good luck to Ada holding that position…”

According to Coinmarketcap, its current market capitalization is $9.1 billion, $628 million more than Litecoin. Cardano is an open-source cryptocurrency and public blockchain and a smart contracts platform that works towards providing advanced features.

Cardano’s team has been working towards integrating more technologies like the development of Dual Test Nets and release of Cardano 1.2.0, which may help it move higher on the crypto table. This will also add value to the coin.

Cardano also has another project, Gogues, which will update Cardano’s smart contracts and increase its existing capabilities and the smart contracts will be executed on a new computational layer.


Krystian, a Twitter user wrote about Cardano. He said:

“Third generation true POS multi layered blockchain technology with ability and adaptability to be scaled, governed, and form a treasury. Also test nets for their virtual machine and stake pools are right around the corner. Already runs on their own main-net and not ERC20”

A Redditor commented:

“Cardano has a lot going this year not just a test net like EOS. Cardano should be #3 right now”

Wrusst, an anonymous Redditor commented:

“I feel low hanging fruit for ADA is to get on the top 6 exchanges to solidify itself as a top 6 coin just to have traders used to seeing the coin and adding liquidity.”

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