Crypto Cards are the Bridge to the Real World Everyone Has Been Waiting for

Сredit or debit сards have become the most popular way to spend money, according to a survey made in 2016 by TSYS. It was actually 75% that chose cards- 40 percent credit and 35 percent debit- while cash sat at around 11%. In 2015 there were over 100 billion card transactions just in the United States.

While these statistics were made in the US, cards are used worldwide. In Q2 of 2017, 1.58 billion Visa debits cards alone were issued globally. The fact does stand: people are using cards, and the numbers are growing. It is the easiest and safest way to spend money all over the world. They are the bridge between the consumer and the bank.

This is why cryptocurrencies need their own card. Cards act as bridges between two realities- the young and sometimes complicated crypto world with buying a coffee. Using a card means no fussing over whether the send address is exactly correct, and opens up the opportunity for quick and fussless buying.

MoxyOne’s crypto debit card is an ideal for quick and painless crypto spending. Simply connect the card to your crypto “bank” and swipe for a coffee.


One of the best things about the crypto revolution is its adaptability. While it will be some time before retailers and fast food restaurants accept crypto, the technology of MoxyOne converts any crypto in your bank to fiat immediately upon swipe.  Fiat conversion also means any fiat; using the card globally will not be a problem.

A Portfolio of Coins

Many crypto holders don’t own just one coin. In fact, in the decentralized future of crypto we won’t see just one ruling currency. All cryptocurrencies hold different core functions and have multiple uses. While users of MoxyOne can use the native SPEND token to purchase goods, they can also upload a variety of coins that can be used for fiat conversion spending. The SPEND token is by definition a utility token- acting not only as a way to use money in the outside world, but also as the way to pay for fees in the MoxyOne ecosystem.

“SPEND tokens are the fuel of the MoxyOne platform,” says Tanshul Kumar, co-Founder and Lead Developer of the MoxyOne project. “All transactions made within the MoxyOne system require a small fee to be paid in SPEND. As more and more transactions are made, the demand for SPEND will increase due to its limited circulation. By using our own native tokens, MoxyOne is able to adjust the fees of the transactions to make it affordable, and at the same time increase the value of the token due to demand and scarcity as only 50 million tokens will ever exist.”

This makes the SPEND token just as exciting as the technology.


This technology is really what makes MoxyOne stand out from the rest. MoxyAI has a look in real time at which coins are appreciating in value and which have depreciated. It will then spend the most valuable coin at the time so that the user gets the most bang for their buck. For example, you have BTC and ETH in your wallet. When you go to buy a shirt at the register, BTC is down 10% for ETH is up 5%. MoxyAI will notify you and let you pay with ETH.

Easy Interface = Mainstream Adoption

A crypto card should feel just as easy as using a bank card. This is how crypto adoption will grow to mainstream adoption.

While many crypto cards are in the works, it’s most important to find one that can be trusted. MoxyOne has a stellar team and plenty of backers already. It is the diamond in the rough; Hosho Group has already audited and approved of MoxyOne’s smart contracts and ICO process and the anticipated Raiden network has already partnered with the team.

MoxyOne’s pre-sale is happening now 1400 SPEND for 1 ETH, and crazy bonuses for bulk buyers . With a max supply hard capped at 50,000,000 spend, this coin is extremely undervalued and is sure to grow exponentially over time.

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