Ecuadorian Sustainable Shrimp Partnership Joins IBM Food Trust

Ecuadorian Sustainable Shrimp Partnership (SSP) joined the blockchain-powered IBM Food Trust ecocystem to trace SSP shrimp from farm to the consumer table. SSP shrimp will be the first shrimp products on the IBM Food Trust solution.

SSP is a group of leading shrimp aquaculture companies to promote quality products. SSP shrimp is produced with Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification, zero use of antibiotics, and neutral impact on local water quality.

The IBM Food Trust ecosystem will help SSP members to upload and share data on how the shrimp is produced on to the blockchain. The data will be available for global retailers to see and trace it at every stage so that they can ensure the quality of the shrimp they sell to consumers.

SSP also has plans to enable consumer access via an app, enabling individuals to view provenance data about SSP’s premium Ecuadorian farmed shrimp’s journey unto the consumer. By scanning a product QR code with their smartphone camera, the app will show where the shrimp was caught, how it journeyed along the supply chain.

The use of blockchain will help prevent food fraud which is on the rise with mislabeling and poor quality products entering the marketplace. It will also provide complete traceability, trust and assurance on products and practices.

Blockchain projects are already addressing issues such as the sustainability of tuna stocks by tracking fish from origin to the high-street store, or exploring ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and boosting solar power projects via distributed trading.

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