World’s worst prison teeming with serial killers watched 24 hours a day

In the desolate expanse near Russia’s border with Kazakhstan lies a prison shrouded in darkness and infamy – Black Dolphin Prison, also known as penal colony Number 6.

This grim facility is reserved exclusively for the nation’s most notorious and dangerous criminals, a nightmarish collection that includes serial killers, cannibals, paedophiles and Chechen terrorists.

Black Dolphin deserves its reputation as the world’s worst prison, where inmates are subjected to unparalleled levels of surveillance and isolation.

The prison derives its ominous name from a unique source—the dolphin sculpture created by the inmates that stands solemnly at the prison’s entrance.

This seemingly incongruent symbol serves as a stark reminder of the paradoxical nature within the prison’s walls, where creativity and darkness coexist.

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Inmates live under the watchful gaze of video cameras, monitoring their every move 24 hours a day.

To further ensure control, guards conduct rounds every 15 minutes, maintaining an unrelenting vigilance over the prisoners within.

The living conditions within the prison are stark and unforgiving. Inmates are confined to 50-square-foot cells, each shared by two individuals.

These cells are secluded behind three sets of imposing steel doors, creating an environment of extreme isolation. The prisoners are granted a mere 90 minutes per day in a desolate concrete exercise yard, providing them with a fleeting glimpse of the outside world.

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Transportation within the facility is an ordeal in itself. If an inmate needs to move, they are subjected to a strict protocol. Handcuffed, blindfolded, and forced to walk bent over, prisoners are deliberately kept unaware of the prison’s layout.

This unusual technique is believed to be exclusive to Black Dolphin, designed to prevent any form of interaction between inmates or potential overpowering of guards during transit.

The prison’s reputation extends beyond its physical confines, casting a shadow over the entire penal system.

Black Dolphin stands as a testament to Russia’s unwavering commitment to containing its most dangerous criminals, even at the cost of implementing extreme measures that raise ethical questions.

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