Ukraine destroys 13 Russian kamikaze drones targeting Kyiv

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Ukraine’s military shot down 13 Iranian-made drones over Kyiv and the surrounding region this morning, during the latest Russian attack on the country’s energy infrastructure. It comes as explosions were heard at dawn in central Kyiv as officials have warned that more strikes could be imminent. 

They said fragments of the downed drones hit a tax office building in central Kyiv and damaged four houses elsewhere in the capital. 

There were no casualties as a result. 

Oleksiy Kuleba, the regional governor, said the attacks were a continuation of Russian “energy terror”.

“This morning started with [attacks by] 13 Shaheds,” Zelensky said in a short video, referring to the Iranian “kamikaze” drones that Moscow has used to target Kyiv and other cities. “All 13 were shot down by our Ukrainian air defence systems. Well done, I am proud.”

Ukrainian air defence forces said the drones had been launched from the eastern coast of the Azov Sea. 

The words “For Ryazan!” could be seen on the remains of one of the broken drones. 

Suspected Ukrainian drones killed three soldiers and damaged warplanes at an airfield in Ryazan, a city 120 miles soputh of Moscow, last week. 

The city was being used to carry out bombing raids on Ukraine. 

According to Zelensky, 40 per cent of Ukraine’s critical energy infrastructure has been damaged by waves of Russian attacks aimed at plunging the country into chaos. 

Power outages are now common in Ukraine. 

Zelensky urged G7 nations to provide extra gas and weapons to help Ukraine survive the winter, when temperatures can fall to as low as minus 20C.

The United States could this week provide Ukraine with Patriot missile defence systems, as a result of continued Russian aggression. 

The US-made missiles are considered among the most advanced in the world.

Russian officials have advised the US against sending them to Kyiv as the Kremlin would view such a move as an escalation. 

Meanwhile in the war, Putin’s forces continued to attack Kherson, the southern Ukrainian that was liberated last month after eight months of Russian occupation. 

Officials said the city had been shelled 42 times overnight, killing one person and damaging homes and educational facilities. Thousands of people have fled the city since its liberation to escape relentless shelling from Russian forces on the other side of the Dnipro river.

A government building located on the city’s Freedom Square was also hit today by Russian shelling.

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