Trump ditches trademark red tie in New York court for fraud trial

Something up, Don? Trump ditches the trademark red tie and white shirt for BLUE as he arrives in New York court for $250 million fraud trial – and gets chided for ‘exhortations’ in court

Former President Donald Trump was back in a Manhattan courthouse Wednesday for the second consecutive day, this time ditching his typical uniform for a blue tie.

It was a new tack for Trump, who on Tuesday sported his trademark red tie while attacking New York prosecutors a day after a federal judge slapped a gag order on him.  

Inside the courtroom, a prosecutor accused Trump of disruptive ‘exhortations’ during testimony by property assessor, in a trial where the judge has already ruled he engaged in fraud by submitting excessive values for pieces of his real estate empire to lenders.

At one point during testimony by Newmark real estate exec Doug Larson, Trump tapped on the table where he sat alongside his team of lawyers, and could be heard speaking to his team. 

Former President Donald Trump was back in court Wednesday, where a judge overseeing his fraud trial is determining damages that could hit $250 million

That prompted a complaint from prosecutor Kevin Wallace, who wanted Judge Arthur Engoron to tell Trump to stop. 

‘Can the defendant please stop commenting during the witness’ testimony?’ Wallace said, ABC News reported. ‘I believe exhortations are audible on this side of the courtroom as well.’ 

The judge instead gave an admonition to the entire courtroom. ‘I will ask everyone to be quiet when the witness is testifying,’ he said.

That came a day after Trump tore into New York Attorney General Letitia James inside the courthouse, but was more sparing with the judge. 

A prosecutor complained when Trump could be heard conferring with his lawyers while a witness spoke

On Tuesday, Trump accused state AG Letitia James of ‘raving like a lunatic’ in remarks at court in New York, a day after a federal judge gagged him from speaking about prosecutors in a separate case

Trump ditched his trademark red tie for court Wednesday

‘They are the fraudulent people,’ Trump fumed about James and Engoron, before saying of Engoron: ‘I like him, but it’s not fair.’ 

Trump lawyer Lazaro Fields went after the witness when he made inconsistent statements.  “You lied yesterday, didn’t you?” Fields said.

The judge then excused the witness while lawyers sorted out the situation.

Larson had denied working with Trump Organization exec Jeffrey McConney. 

“Did you work with Mr. McConney in 2013 to determine the cap rate that he used to value his property?” state attorney Mark Ladov asked Larson yesterday, referring to Trump Organization controller Jeffrey McConney.

But Larson said Wednesday that ‘Jeff McConney would call me periodically, not frequently, to talk about sales and market conditions.’

The Trump disturbance that prompted the prosecutor’s complaint came when Larson denied working with McConney on the value of his 40 Wall Street property. 

Trump is accused of submitting ‘fraudulent’ valuations for the tower as well as for other properties. He said this week his properties are worth even more than the amounts he submitted, and has repeatedly called the case a witch hunt. 

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