Should King Charles have a ‘cut-price’ Coronation amid cost-of-living crisis?

Plans for a ‘stripped back’ Coronation service have been criticised by commentators, who claim it would be a wasted opportunity to showcase the British monarchy on a global stage – but what do you think?

King Charles III is said to be advocating for the cut-down ceremony as it sets the tone for a modern monarchy and is in tune with the public’s current financial challenges.

The occasion's guest list has reportedly been slashed from 8,000 to 2,000 and much of the pomp and ceremony has been scrapped.

Historian Andrew Roberts told the Daily Mail that the Coronation – which is expected next summer – could provide a much-needed celebration after a winter marked by the cost-of-living crisis and the war in Ukraine.

The occasion could also be a wasted opportunity to exert the ‘soft power’ of the monarchy and draw the eyes of the world to Britain – which could see an increase in tourism.

The Duke of Norfolk has been tasked with preparing a shorter, simpler and more diverse ceremony.

A source told the newspaper: “The King has stripped back a lot of the Coronation in recognition that the world has changed in the past 70 years.”

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