‘Heartbroken’ dad forced to shut business can’t buy his kids Christmas presents

A "heartbroken" dad has been forced to close his business and now cannot afford Christmas presents or a tree for his kids.

Ryan Croft, 36, has been hit hard by the cost of living crisis and faces the "worst Christmas ever" after being unable to afford festive gifts for his family after his scaffolding business closed.

The dad, who told his kids that Christmas would be "different" this year, has been left with "no money" after the closure of his scaffolding business, LeedsLive reported.

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The 36-year-old has since been couch surfing and has found his kids were more than understanding at the change in festive celebrations.

Telling his kids that they would be having a "different" Christmas to the usual affair, the kids told him: "It doesn't matter, as long as we have each other this Christmas."

Ryan was left heartbroken by the reaction, with the kids staying with his ex-partner, with the pair on good terms as they find themselves "struggling" through the cost of living crisis.

No decorations are up in the home and Ryan has said that the situation is "depressing", claiming also that he knows people who have had to shoplift for their Christmas dinner.

Ryan said: "It's supposed to be a time for celebration and family and this time it's not.

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"It’s going to be the worst Christmas ever. I couldn’t afford to buy my kids Christmas presents this year."

His Christmas horror story comes as he says he "almost froze to death" when he was forced to sleep in his van, adding that winter clothes from a charity shop were purchased in a bid to keep warm.

He added: "I’ve got no money, two days ago I was promised it would be in the bank. I’ve come to the Jobcentre chase it up because I’ve not got the money.

"It just feels totally different, we haven’t got a tree up, we couldn’t afford to buy a tree. There’s no tree up in the house and no decorations. We can’t afford the electricity bills to warm the house, it’s put a lot of pressure on everybody."

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