Saving highlights in Overwatch

Since the launch of the game in 2016, almost every player has asked how to save the highlights of Overwatch. No wonder! This is a multiplayer game. You always want to share your best moments with friends. At the beginning, you could only view the highlights. To do this, you must pass at least one game. The game stores up to five highlights of the last game moments.

After this update the game continues to collect your best moments and offer you the most epic. In addition, the five highlights will be stored for the next 24 hours. If you want them to last longer, you must download them manually. This article will show you how to save overwatch highlights.

Saving highlights On a PC

Let’s follow the whole process step by step. After something amazing happens in your gameplay, you can press the capture button (F9) and the game will mark and remember this fragment of the gameplay, saving it in a 12-second clip. Then you can save and export these moments from the “Highlights” menu in several ways. It stores up to 32 selected “recently deleted” moments. You have the ability to record video in different ways.

On Xbox One

First, go to the dvr application of your console. From there click the Xbox button and you will be taken to the guide menu. In the menu click the X button on your controller to make a short extract from the last game. Voila, it is saved on your console.

Second, let’s try to run this long clip. Start again by pressing the Xbox button in the guide menu. Click the “View” button (bottom left corner of the Xbox button) to see more recording options. Press the A Button on the highlighted option to either start recording, capture a screenshot, or capture the entire DVR buffer directly.