Refugee who ‘stabbed 4 kids’ split from wife ‘as she wanted to stay in Sweden’

An asylum seeker who “stabbed four children in a park” had split from his wife as she “didn’t want to leave Sweden”, according to reports. The 31-year-old alleged attacker was soon stopped by the fast intervention of police officers but not before stabbing and wounding two pensioners and four children.

The former spouse of the knife attacker in Annecy stated in an interview with CNEWS that she had not heard anything from him in eight months.

She said: “I don’t know what happened to him, but what you’re telling me is terrible

“We fell in love and came to Sweden. After two years, we got married, but he couldn’t get his Swedish nationality, so he decided to leave the country”.

“We split up because I didn’t want to leave Sweden.”

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She added: “I don’t know where he lives or how he’s doing psychologically, so I can’t say much. I haven’t known much about him for eight months”.

President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte travelled to the hospital treating three of the four children.

Motives for the attack in and around a children’s lakeside playground in the Alpine town of Annecy remained unexplained.

The suspect, who has refugee status in Sweden, remains in custody where psychiatrists are evaluating him.

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French prime minister Elisabeth Borne confirmed all four children underwent surgery and “are under constant medical surveillance”.

Ms Borne also confirmed all four children are in a stable condition in hospital.

The public prosecutor of Annecy confirmed the suspect’s custody had been extended on Friday morning.

Translated to English, a tweet said: “Stab attack in Annecy. The defendant’s custody is extended. No other communication planned for this day in the state.”

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