Prince Harry and Meghan’s lavish date night reveals one big problem, expert says

A recent date night for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has revealed a big problem the Sussex duo are facing, an expert claimed.

The duo took to a night on the town though the cost of their bill marked an eye-watering amount for the pair, which could be an issue further down the line as Meghan's outfit was cause for concern for expert Daniela Elser.

It would seem living the best life for the couple comes at a cost they may not be able to keep up with as Elser dressed down the Duchess of Sussex, who sported £9,800 worth of attire.

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Her outfit overview, which did not include jewellery, saw a pair of Christian Louboutin heels paired with a Valentino mini dress. Further costs were noted by expert Elser, who claims date night is becoming a worrying expense for the duo.

Their mode of transport on a Gulfstream rented jet, with the small aircraft making trips anywhere between £26,100 to £32,800, was the mode of transport used by the pair.

Elser, writing in her column for, said: "So far, not counting whatever the going rate for teenage babysitters is in Montecito these days (a couple of bitcoins? Equity in OpenAI?), this one evening alone comes to a total value of at least $43,808."

Questions over the financial stability of the couple were raised, with Elser saying that "socially, the Sussexes are now playing in a whole new league, raising the question, can or will they be able to financially keep up?"

It could be a collection of on-the-house trips and free items at the disposal of the Duke and Duchess, though Elser has since noted the costly dates. She added: "Royalty, it must be very clearly noted, has long enjoyed hoovering up freebies from wealthier chums and not even vaguely chums.

"The Sussexes now find themselves in a different boat entirely – one where their new social world is largely populated by people who are often stratospherically wealthier than them, making them seem positively beggarly by comparison."

The duo are now taking trips out and about which cost them upwards of five figures, and Elser claims it is "questionable they could actually personally afford all that private jetting."

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