Posh hotel security guard fired for videoing couple ‘having sex in lift’ on CCTV

A posh hotel employee was sacked after recording a couple "having sex in a lift" on a CCTV camera.

The famed Ritz hotel had its own peeping tom security guard who has now been booted from the staff list after recording a pair apparently having sex in a lift.

Among the recorded footage from the ex-employee was also a series of close-ups of women in the lift, with their X-Rated footage leading to a tearing up of their contract.

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One couple who found themselves getting frisky in the hotel lift are just two people of many that were captured on creepy recordings from the ex-employee.

Featured in other footage was also an alleged A-list celebrity, who was recorded among many others at separate intervals without permission on the hotel security cameras.

One security guard has since been fired after it was revealed royals, politicians and famous faces paying upwards of £1,385 a night were being recorded without their knowledge.

A separate phone recording in the lift of the Ritz showed an elderly couple apparently having sex, The Sun reported.

Said recording allegedly showcased a grey-haired man in the act with his female companion as they headed up to the top floor of the flash hotel.

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A source speaking on the security footage filmed by the security guard said: "It’s shocking this happened.

"To zoom in on women’s bodies while they are paying thousands of pounds a night to feel safe is truly outrageous."

An internal investigation led to the sacking of one member of the security staff, with the investigation revealing the recordings were not shared with anyone and were only used by the member of staff who recorded them.

A privacy policy from the hotel regarding cameras reads: "Cameras are only placed where they do not intrude on anyone’s privacy and are necessary to fulfil their purpose.

"All CCTV footage will be kept for a period of time for security purposes, after which time will self-delete."

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