Plans for King Charles’ death already being arranged in Operation Menai Bridge

Plans for the death of King Charles III are already in place, and are working under the "Operation Menai Bridge" title.

The former Prince of Wales subsequently ascended to the throne after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, whose own operation, London Bridge, was carried out in the event of her death.

Now that King Charles is on the throne, plans for the death of the monarch are being arranged under Operation Menai Bridge, including codenames and arrangements.

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The operation for the death of King Charles takes its name from the world's first iron suspension bridge in Anglesey, Wales, and is currently in the planning phase.

Former royal protection officer Simon Morgan explained that the plans for Operation Menai Bridge would be completed sooner rather than later.

Speaking to Today, Morgan said: "Unfortunately, as of tomorrow morning planning for Operation Menai Bridge will start in earnest."

In similar fashion to the events following the Queen's death, a speech will be given to the public following the death of King Charles from the newly-ascended King of England.

Following the death of King Charles III, it is likely that Prince William will become King of England, with Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, then acting as the Queen Consort.

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Operation Menai Bridge and Operation London Bridge are expected to have many similarities, with the plan to be detailed in full ahead of the coronation of King Charles III.

Following the approval of Operation Menai Bridge, the then King, William, would administer an address to the nation, much like his father did after the death of the Queen.

Code names were initially introduced to members of the Royal Family to prevent the news of the death being leaked before the official announcement.

Operation Forth Bridge, for instance, was the codename plan for the passing of the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip.

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