Pitbull found with eyes ‘completely matted shut’ makes incredible transformation

A pitbull puppy who was found with her eyes matted shut has made a miraculous recovery after being saved by rescuers.

Morena was brought to Shaw Pit Bull Rescue after she was discovered near to the Columbus Air Force Base in Mississippi in 2019.

The poor pooch was left in shocking conditions, sparking concerns from professionals whether she would ever be able to see again.

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Aimee Shaw, President of Shaw Pit Bull Rescue, said: "Morena was only about six months old, covered in mange, shabby sores, bacterial and yeast infections, and her eyes were completely matted shut."

"We were pretty maxed out for space, but when we saw the photos, [we] quickly made room and made an immediate appointment at our vet."

Vets found that she had been suffering from a serious case of demodectic mange, which is caused by a weakened immune system.

Due to her poor health, the amount of skin mites usually found had dramatically multiplied which covered her eyes.

Morena was prescribed a number of medications as well as special shampoos, reports Newsweek.

It was reported that she had eye drops administered for 10 days and dips to treat the issues.

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Following several months of recovery, Morena started to show improvement with her condition and her skin tone started to return to normal.

She was initially adopted in August 2020 but was found wandering the streets by Animal Control in August this year.

She is back at Shaw Pit Bull Rescue and is looking for her forever home.

"She is a great little girl!" Shaw added.

"She gets along with other dogs, she loves to run and play, and go for walks around the farm. She also loves to gnaw on deer antlers and play with ropes. She's very sweet, and super smart."


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