Mum’s horror as beloved dog devours £600 voucher during one minute of freedom

A mum was left horrified after she caught her dog munching on a £600 electricity voucher.

Avril Graham was heading to the post office to redeem the voucher last Friday (January 27) and briefly popped out of the room, leaving a handbag, along with the letter, on the breakfast island at her home in Ballymena, County Antrim.

But when Avril, 46, came back she was shocked to find her beloved labrador pup, Archie, had found the piece of paper and torn it to shreds.

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The panicked mum managed to grab what was left of the letter and took it to the post office, presenting the shreds to staff.

Avril said: "I was getting ready to go to town so had put the cheque into my bag, I left the room for about ten minutes.

"When I walked back in he had dragged my bag off the breakfast bar, taken the letter out and I found it in pieces on the floor."

Thankfully post office workers reassured her the voucher would be accepted as long as the barcode was intact.

"The lady in the post office was great, I went in and put all the pieces down. I was mortified and felt it was a 'dog ate my homework' scenario," Avril added.

Taking to social media on Friday (February 3), Avril posted a pic of the guilty four-and-a-half-month-old pup with the caption: "When he knows he's just eaten your £600 electricity voucher."

The post quickly garnered plenty of attention online and others were quick to express their sympathies.

One user said: "Oh no! I was piecing together my CC statement when I got home but your life sucks more than mine today."

"He'll be fully charged up now and raring to go," added a wise voice in the comments.

A third chimed in: "Aw he looks contrite, wee soul."

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Avril added that this wasn't the first time Archie had caused chaos and the family have had to resort to desperate measures to stop the canine from chowing down on their food.

He can even open doors, which has prompted the family to screw the handles on upside down, and on one occasion the pesky pooch even managed to scoff 16 brioches before getting caught.

"We've had to put child locks on the cupboards as he got into them and helped himself to brioches," she explained.

"He kindly left me the wrappers."

Archie has also eaten a tub of butter, a brand new pair of shoes and Avril's daughter's woolly hat and has also sunk his teeth into furniture.

But the nursing assistant explained Archie is still just a mischievous puppy and his adorable face gets him out of all kinds of sticky situations – although the family live in fear of what the pooch will do next.

"He's such an affectionate boy and we know it's just a puppy phase but we don't know what he'll do next, he's lucky he's so handsome as his gorgeous face is what gets him out of a lot of trouble," she explained.

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