Moment two Russian tanks are blown to smithereens by Ukraine in tense battle

Ukrainian SOF 3rd regiment target Russian forces

This is the stunning moment Ukraine blows two more of Russia’s tanks to smithereens as Vladimir Putin’s troops continue to struggle with their offensive in the east of the country.

Russia’s highly-anticipated assault on Avdiivka has been close to disastrous, with Ukraine reporting earlier this week the opposition had lost around 900 troops, 50 tanks, and over 100 armored vehicles in just 24 hours.

Now a video released on Telegram by Ukraine’s Special Operations Forces shows two Russian tanks, likely with dozens of soldiers on board, being blown high into the air.

It shows one tank trailing another several feet in front before the leading tank suddenly explodes into a massive fireball.

The camera cuts to a much closer camera angle, showing two tanks – one directly behind the other – before they are blown to pieces.

Ukraine’s Special Operations Forces posted alongside the video on Telegram: “In the Avdiiv direction, the enemy has resumed offensive actions and does not stop trying to surround the city.

“However, our defenders firmly hold the defense and inflict considerable losses on the enemy.

“Operators of the 3rd SSO regiment discovered heavy equipment of the occupiers, which was moving in the direction of Avdiivka. With the help of available weapons, namely FPV drones, Javelin ATGMs, and mortars, our soldiers promptly stopped the enemy.

“As a result of quality work, the following was destroyed: four armored personnel carriers; two tanks; several tens of enemy manpower.”

On Friday, Ukrainian soldiers operating in the Avdiivka area reported forces had destroyed 200 Russian armored vehicles in the past four days.

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The Russian offensive near Avdiivka from the north, south, and east appears to be badly stuttering and has reportedly made little progress but with heavy losses.

The Institute for the Study of War think tank wrote in its latest update: “The Ukrainian General Staff reported on October 20 that Ukrainian forces damaged and destroyed almost 50 Russian tanks and over 100 armored vehicles during the past day of fighting near Avdiivka.

“Ukrainian soldiers operating in the Avdiivka area reported on October 20 that Ukrainian forces have destroyed 200 Russian armored vehicles in the past four days.

“Avdiivka City Military Administration Head Vitaliy Barabash stated that Russian forces are attempting to repair damaged equipment while still in the field.

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“Footage published on October 20 shows Ukrainian forces striking a Russian TOS-1 thermobaric artillery system near Avdiivka.

“A Russian milblogger complained that Russian counterbattery fire near Avdiivka is decreasing in effectiveness due to poor communication and the failure to stockpile munitions ahead of the offensive effort, very likely exacerbating material losses in the area.

“The initial Russian offensive operations in the Avdiivka area on October 10 also resulted in high-verified Russian equipment losses.

“The fact that Russian forces regrouped and re-launched assaults after the initial attacks suggests that either Russian forces believe they can feasibly take Avdiivka, or that the Russian military command is poorly prioritizing offensive operations regardless of cost.”

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