Massive boa constrictor escapes and becomes wedged in mattress sparking panic

A pet owner was left worried when his beloved snake Sid the boa constrictor escaped and became wedged in his mattress.

Pictures taken from the scene show six-foot-long Sid nestled in the base of a double mattress before a team from West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service (WYFRS) came speeding to the rescue after the bizarre call-out, managing to rescue the runaway snake.

One snake-loving member of the team, technical rescue officer Ronnie, couldn't help but stop for a photo op before giving the much-loved serpent back to his owner, the Mirror reports.

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A WYFRS spokesperson said: "Animal rescues at WYFRS come in all shapes and sssssssizes.

"Technical Rescue Officer Ronnie had a slippery situation to attend last week when Sid the boa constrictor escaped and got stuck in his owner's bed springs!

"Luckily for Sid, Ronnie was up for the job and rescued the snake safely and even convinced him for a sssselfie."

Hearing about the incident online, people took to social media to praise the fire crew – as well as to share their fright at the idea of finding a scaly companion in their bed.

One wrote: "Would love to join the Fire Service… floods, fires famine, I think I could brave them. Ssssnakes though? Nope, think I’ll be a milk-person."

Another admiring fan added about the rescuers: "Wow!! Above and beyond!!!"

Snakes are more active in hot weather, which may account for Sid's slippery antics.

Another snake – this time an 18-foot-long python – made headlines last week when it managed to slip through an open bedroom window and into a house near Southampton.

The "very dangerous" snake, weighing a whopping 38kg, was spotted by neighbours as it slithered across the roof of a house and through the upstairs window.

Residents used a broom to fight off the beast before it fell 20ft to a car bonnet below.

A nearby resident, who did not wish to be named, said: “It was massive.

“I felt sick when my friend told me it was trying to get into someone's house."

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