Man, 27, says he can’t find a job because he looks like a child and goes viral

A 27-year-old man has gone viral after complaining that he can’t get job because he looks so young.

From Guangdong province, China, videos of Mao Sheng spread through social media like wildfire.

With a small stature and youthful appearance, he has said that the way he looks is proving to be a serious problem in his life.

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He says most employers don’t believe him when he says how old he is, while others think his appearance will cause issues with authorities who could start snooping around if they think child labour laws are being broken.

After appearing on social media, his desperate pleas for a job have gone viral.

The original video takes place on a street in Dongguan, China, and sees him vent his frustration that he can’t support his father financially because he can’t find work.

He even said that he had initially gone out looking for work with a friend but while his pal had found work quickly, he was left without any offers.

Users online have since criticised would-be-employers for not offering Mao the chance to prove himself just because of the way he looks.

But since the video’s success he has now reportedly had a number of possible employers interested.

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A follow-up video has since revealed that Mao accepted one of the jobs, according toOddity Central.

The video was first shared by Dongguan Fan Ge on social media, who later posted a second video where Mao shows him his ID, showing he was born in 1995.

According toMS News,which translated the video, Mao’s mother had remarried and his father had a stroke, leaving him as the only breadwinner for his dad.

In the second video, which was posted on July 24, Mao was clearly unaware of his internet popularity because when told about it his main concern shifted to whether his family would be annoyed at him. He worried the video might make it seem like he wasn't taking the job hunt seriously.


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