Liz Truss finally breaks silence on Daily Star lettuce – and she’s not a fan

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    Former PM Liz Truss has finally spoken out regarding the Daily Star's lettuce – and surprisingly she isn't too keen.

    Fun sponge Liz was speaking in Northern Ireland today (Monday, June 19) and addressed the lettuce fiasco for the first time since she was ousted as PM.

    The Tory described the livestream of our lettuce – which was set up to see if it could outlast her as PM – as "puerile".

    READ MORE: Daily Star lettuce becomes West End star in new Spitting Image show

    “I don’t think it’s funny, I just think it’s puerile,” she said.

    Her resignation on October 20 made her the shortest-serving PM in British history after just 44 days. Meanwhile, the Daily Star's 60p lettuce from Tesco was still going strong, with thousands tuned in to the livestream to see it declared victorious.

    Truss said today: "I think that the British media are known throughout the world for being particularly vociferous and I don’t think they are particularly deferential to politicians."

    Our lettuce captured the hearts and minds of the country while Truss' premiership unravelled following a series of resignations and a severe economic downturn.

    It also caught the attention of politicians with Labour's Chris Bryant telling Sky prior to the resignation: "We don't have a government, the lettuce might as well be running the country."

    Earlier this month the Daily Star revealed that the lettuce had also become a West End star featuring in a new stage production of sketch show Spitting Image.

    TV comic Al Murray, who penned the script for the stage show, told us why it featured. He said: “The Daily Star is really brilliant at taking the p*** out of people on the front pages.

    “Supposedly we’re all scared of offending anyone, so it’s been good to see the paper go for it like that.

    “We are all part of the same robust tradition of satire.”

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