Killer mushroom pie victim’s dying words so alarming paramedic had to call cops

The final words of the victim of a mushroom pie killing were so alarming that it forced paramedics to call the police, it has been revealed.

Erin Patterson, 48, denies intentionally killing her in-laws and another relative in a suspected mushroom poisoning, while a fourth man who consumed the meal last week remains in a coma.

Her victims were husband Simon's parents Gail and Don Patterson, as well as Gail's sister Heather Wilkinson – her husband Ian is still in hospital.

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The pie was filled with death cap mushrooms, grown in the Leongatha region of Australia, where the family lives.

According to, one of the three victims spoke to emergency services when they arrive.

And while the final words have not been made public, local news outlets in Australia are reporting that the words were so alarming that the person ended up calling the police as a result.

Erin, however, has now spoken out and claims she is innocent of any wrong doing – she has yet to be charged.

She said: “I lost my parents-in-law, my children lost their grandparents.

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“And I’ve been painted as an evil witch, and the media is making it impossible for me to live in this town.

“I can’t have friends over.

“The media is at the house where my children are at – the media are at my sister’s house so I can’t go there.

“This is unfair.”

Claims about the bizarre incident have ramped up since the incident happened last week.

It has been reported that a builder saw the home had some very worrying graffiti written on the walls during a visit a few years ago.

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The bloke claimed he removed disturbing graffiti from the interior wall of the home in Korumburra, Australia after Ms Patterson and her estranged husband separated.

He said that pictures of gravestones and creepy scribbles in the theme of death and destruction were found.

"We called it the death wall", he recalled of the sinister markings, which he said was "disturbing" and had been drawn with black and red ink.

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He added: “They were done by their (the Pattersons') daughter. It is pretty disturbing for mum to let the kids draw on their dining room wall."

A police investigation is still ongoing.

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