Josef Fritzl ‘dreams of freedom’ and praises King Charles in prison letters

Incest monster Josef Fritzl, who imprisoned and raped his own kids in a sex dungeon beneath his house, has "dreams of freedom" and even praised King Charles from prison in chilling letters.

Fritzl, 88, was given life imprisonment for incest, rape, coercion, false imprisonment, enslavement and the negligent killing of one of his infant sons back in 2009.

The case first emerged in 2008, when his daughter Elisabeth Fritzl told police in the town of Amstetten, Austria, that she had been held captive by her father in a specially-built soundproof basement for 24 years.

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She had been repeatedly raped by him and gave birth to seven of his children, three of which were held captive with her, while three were raised by Josef and his wife, Rosemarie.

The story shocked and sickened the world, and now, it has been revealed that Fritzl shared his sick thoughts with a lawyer he wrote a book with, based on a series of letters from prison.

Fritzl – who is jailed at Stein Prison in Krems an der Donau, Lower Austria State – has sent several handwritten letters to renowned Vienna lawyer Astrid Wagner.

Viennese newspaper Heute reports that Fritzl – who now has to use a rollator trolley to walk- wrote: "I do understand people who want me to die in jail.

"But I want to experience freedom one day. I've never been afraid of dying."

Fritzl told his lawyer that he went vegetarian after realising one of the prisoner cooks – only identified as Alfred U – is serving life for butchering a prostitute.

He also told Wagner that, after watching King Charles's coronation on TV he decided he is a "pleasant person".

Fritzl reportedly jokingly described himself as a monarchist in the same letter.

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He also expressed sympathy for the Last Generation climate activists.

Fritzl told Wagner: "I understand those climate campaigners who glue themselves on roads. Everything is going to the dogs these days. You've got to take action."

Earlier this year, the Viennese lawyer published a book called 'The Abysses of Josef F.' which she co-wrote with Fritzl.

His lawyer, sensationally, said that Fritzl is "polite and very charming."

"Josef Fritzl is only human, not a beast. He is a man who has not mastered his inner demons," he said.

And Fritzl claims in the publication: "Actually, I'm a decent person."

He also boasts about several illegitimate children abroad and the "hundreds of love letters" he has received.

Fritzl reportedly avoids walking in the jail yard "because there are a few prisoners just waiting to be able to beat me up."

In June 2022, a court ruled that Fritzl must stay in the high-security prison after judges reversed plans to move him to a softer jail.

It has now been 15 years since Fritzl's sickening crimes came to light.

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