Jason Lowery: Wars Will Be Fought with Bitcoin, Not Guns

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Could wars be settled on the blockchain rather than a battlefield? According to Space Force officer Jason Lowery, the future of wars and conflicts between countries will not be settled by tanks and guns, but rather by how much bitcoin and crypto they have to their names.

Jason Lowery Says the U.S. Must Adopt BTC

Lowery is confident cyberspace will play a huge role in future conflicts. He says countries with a lot of bitcoins in their reserves will likely remain at the top of the power ladder, while those with lesser amounts will have a harder time establishing dominance and making their marks on society.

For this reason, Lowery is asking the U.S. federal government to adopt bitcoin as a national currency, saying that if it doesn’t, the nation runs the risk of falling behind and becoming vulnerable to a whole new string of villains and enemies. A 400-page report on the matter states:

Using scientific concepts from biology, evolution, anthropology, political science, and computer theory, Lowery summarizes the dynamics of power projection in human society and provides an argument for why emerging proof-of-work technologies (namely bitcoin) will have a dramatic impact on how humans organize, cooperate, and compete on a global scale by empowering populations to project physical power in, from, and through cyberspace.

Lowery is clearly suggesting a direction exactly the opposite of the one the U.S. has been traversing for the past several months. Right now, the country’s leaders are practically doing everything they can to shut out bitcoin and digital currency for good. For example, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been prosecuting as many crypto firms as possible, recently sending a Wells notice to Coinbase and forcing Kraken to end its staking services.

In addition, head Gary Gensler has reached out to Congress asking for further funds so he and his cronies can continue their anti-crypto agenda.

There are also many members of the federal government that are now calling for crypto regulation. This is AFTER they accepted digital (and likely dirty) funds from Sam Bankman-Fried, the man who ran the now defunct crypto exchange FTX. Biden and several other democratic members of government accepted bribes and campaign donations in the form of digital assets from SBF.

Now that the company has shut down, they are calling for instant crypto regulation as they are hoping to prevent another massive disaster, yet they’ve made no mention of what they plan to do with the dirty funds they received from the former crypto executive.

The Regulatory Scene Is a Bit Concerning

The situation also presents several scary conditions given that it’s unlikely they could have had such close relations with SBF and FTX and not realized what was going on.

Lowery is an active duty astronautical engineer and a defense fellow at MIT.

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