Hot ‘lap dance’ cop rages at ‘take overs’ as kids mob officer with water guns

A female police officer who gave her boss a raunchy lap dance has slammed a vile new 'take over' trend involving soaking cops.

Raging Vera Mekuli told her 24,000 fans on Instagram to unfollow her if they supported youngsters blocking junctions with their cars to perform stunts in the US.

The passionate motorist who has often posted about car meets and her 'boy racer' dream black Suburu STI, shared a clip of dozens of youngsters chasing a police officer with water pistols.

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Vera, 27, commented on the footage uploaded to social media on Monday: "Yall are so wack for this sh**, praying you try the right one with that bs next time, bunch of bozos."

It is unclear where the incident happened but a fairly relaxed officer can be seen approaching onlooking youths as a vehicle drifts behind him on a shut off road.

Suddenly the officer's smile switches when a lad sprays him with water and sprints away when chased which sparked a frenzied wet ambush.

New York Police Department (NYPD) employee Vera re-posted the video to her stories with the caption: "This is terrible. if you affiliate or support this please unfriend me "Take Overs" are so lame."

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She went on to share slogans saying "F*** TAKEOVERS".

Vera hit headlines around the world as a clip of her at an NYPD Christmas party went viral for the intimate entertainment she gave married Lt. Nick McGarry.

Once catapulted her into the limelight, Vera shared a teary-eyed video as she talked about feeling too embarrassed to leave her house.

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In the emotional clip, she apologised to the lieutenant's wife and said that if she were a man who did something similar it wouldn't be nearly as big a deal.

Over the last six months however. Vera appears to have bounced back and enjoyed her newfound fame while Lt. McGarry works in a different department.

She now has an army of adoring social media followers asking to be handcuffed by her and sending her money online.

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Last month Vera was bombarded with requests for her to launch an OnlyFans account after a series of snaps she shared of her wearing a skin-tight grey dress.

She captioned the photos of her smiling at the camera: "In case you need something to gossip about in the groupchat."

Vera also took the opportunity to remind her followers that "donations" are "appreciated" via the services Cashapp and Venmo.


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