Horror moment ‘man-eating’ crocodile drags man off kayak and mauls him to death

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This is the harrowing moment two kayakers saw a 15-foot monster crocodile attacking their friend while they ventured deep into the Congo.

Ben Stookesberry and Chris Korbulic were exploring a series of rivers through central Africa before their friend and guide, Hendri Coetzee, got snatched by the apex predator.

The details of the attack unfolded after Hendri's death on December 7, 2010, as Chris and Ben's camera revealed the moment shortly after the horrifying accident.

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"After seven weeks of our expeditions, deep into the Congo, still 600 miles in front of us, all of a sudden I heard Hendri yell," Chris said.

The camera shows the group paddling about a few metres apart among the three of them and the clip cuts when they find Hendri's red kayak turned upside down on the water.

Chris and Ben land on the nearest riverbank and call for emergency help immediately.

Later when they reached to a village less than a mile downstream, where they caught Coetzee's boat as it floated by, without even a scratch to tell how he had disappeared.

Ben said on a phone call: "We've had a terrible accident here, Hendri, Hendri just got taken by a crocodile.

"The crocodile took him right after."

Chris recalled the moment and said the crocodile was "massive"

He added: "I glanced over and just in my periphery, I saw the crocodile come out of the water, and he got onto Hnedri's left side – just the left shoulder with its mouth."

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They found no scratches on the boat they recovered and Hendri's body has never been found, and he is presumed dead.

The villagers believed the crocodile was at least 15ft long and weighed up to 2 tons.

Both Chris and Ben later spoke on NBC's Today show that they will never again paddle the Lukuga River, out of respect for Hendri.


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