Grinch parking warden fines Santa ‘going to court dressed as Father Christmas’

A Scrooge traffic ­warden gave Santa a ticket for driving in a pedestrian zone as he handed out presents.

Mick Worrall, 75, was wearing his festive outfit when he parked his three-wheeler bike which pulls the sleigh.

He was giving out sweets and teddies to kids and collecting donations for a children's charity when he was hit with a fixed-penalty notice.

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Pictures show the warden issue Mick with a £60 fine outside the Guildhall Worcester.

Cheeky Mick, who lives in the city, told the warden: "You are going on the naughty list!"

He added: "I'm disappointed – but it's not going to stop me. I've been doing it for years.

"I refused to take the ticket. I told the warden, 'Send it to me in the post to my address'. He said, 'Where's that?' I said, 'The North Pole'. I will go to court dressed as Father Christmas."

Stunned onlookers organised a quick whip round for Santa to cover his fine.

A Worcester City Council spokesman said they could not comment on individual cases but confirmed the fine was for "driving in a pedestrian zone".

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Santa Claus had recently hit the headlines as a Russian counterpart was revealed, with the Eastern country unveiling its very own festive present-giver.

Ded Moroz, otherwise known as Grandfather Frost, was to counter the capitalist ways of Saint Nicholas, as Soviet Russia installed their very own festive deity.

Daily Star reported the historic Ded Moroz caricature, who boasts of better eyesight, longer beard and a horse and carriage that he uses to deliver presents through the night in a particularly blue attire.

The use of Father Frost in certain countries across the world, particularly in Ukraine and Slovakia, has seen the utilisation of both Father Christmas and Ded Moroz in a festive crossover like no other.

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