Gangland enforcer Billy ‘Bullet Man’ Isaac’s violent life and freak death

Ex-heavyweight boxer and feared gangland enforcer Billy "Bullet Man" Isaac lived a wild and violent life before his freak death.

From allegedly organising the security of infamous gangster Ronnie Kray's funeral to a teardrop tattoo, the 6ft 4ins titan was a man to be reckoned with. The former boxer kept a shaved head and weighed in at 18st.

He has since been linked to the Adams crime syndicate in London, with the hard man, who made his in-ring debut at Oldham Sports Centre in 1991, working his way through the ranks until he became a terrifying enforcer.

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Isaac's boxing career was short-lived however, with his second and final fight leading to a back injury, the MEN reported. His life of crime began when he is rumoured to have met fellow feared boxer "Devil Dog Mobster" Chris Little, not long before Isaac set up his own security firm.

Notoriety came knocking when he was charged with the murder of businesswoman Pat Hayes, 46. Ms Hayes was found dead from two gunshot wounds to the head at her home in Reddish. His mother, Rita, was alleged to have asked Issac to carry out the kill. It was claimed she stood to inherit Ms Hayes's bungalow and several properties they owned together in Florida.

Both Isaac and Rita were acquitted of the murder, prompting the boxer to move himself down to London where he linked up with Dave Courtney, the hardman and part-time actor who was found dead in his home earlier this year.

Speaking of Isaac before his death, Courtney said the hardman could be "very, very funny". He said: "He could afford to be a bit cocky and a show-off because he was a tool. He had a very attractive swagger about him. When you're that confident in your own ability… being around certain people you can feed off them."

In 2000 Isaac was listed as an associate of the Adams crime family, also known as the A Team, at the Old Bailey. His link to the syndicate was made during the trial of a CPS clerk accused of taking a bribe to leak confidential information.

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Isaac is believed to have met a middleman of the clerk and was handed sensitive documents by said intermediary. The former boxer found himself arrested and charged over two serious assaults.

The following year, he was accused of slashing the face of a barber with a Bowie hunting knife, while a second, separate charge claimed Isaac made an attack on a pub patron, leaving the man with a punctured lung and multiple fractures. Isaac was acquitted on all counts after the cases collapsed in court.

Just three years later Isaac was arrested once more and jailed for three years after detectives found 0.38 calibre bullets in his Jaguar along with bulletproof vests. Shortly after his release from prison, he was back in the dock for an alleged threat to kill a businessman over a £2.5m debt.

But a jury took less than an hour to find him not guilty after a trial in which former world light welterweight champion boxer Ricky Hatton, gave Isaac a glowing character reference.

In 2013 he was convicted of assaulting a waitress at the Gateway Restaurant in Durrus. A month later, while on release pending an appeal, the 45-year-old met a strange demise.

It's thought he fell while trying to climb through a bathroom window, having been locked out of home. His body was found by workmen on the bathroom floor.

The death wasn't treated as suspicious. A post-mortem later found Isaac had died from 'positional asphyxia' after his head became trapped behind a bath.

Legendary Manchester boxing trainer Bob Shannon was among those to pay tribute, describing Isaac as a "real fighting man." He added: "He was a very big man and looked very intimidating, but underneath he was a really nice person. He was a very caring man and he will be missed."

Even in death, Isaac is still a man of great controversy, with his body exhumed in 2018 after a "despicable act" of grave desecration.

Grave robbers were suspected of targeting Isaac's plot in the hope of finding valuable jewellery buried alongside him.

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