Fears supervolcano is about to blow leaving locals with ‘nowhere to run’

Villagers are terrified a supervolcano will erupt and are now calling on the government to act before it is too late.

The Campi Flegrei volcano in Pozzuoli, Italy, has seen members of the public demand the government take action as tens of thousands are evacuated from the area. Locals are by now used to the sickly sulphurous odour lingering from the volcanic proximity, though the persistent stench and occasional tremors are a growing concern.

A troubling earthquake on September 27 shook the region, the Express reported, with the 4.2 magnitude shake. Residents are "afraid" of the impact these tremors could have, and are now calling on government officials to administer more responses to the worrying "seismic crisis". It is the first, scientists believe, since the 1980s.

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A major earthquake and approximately 500 smaller shifts left many, like Annamaria Scardi, worried for their safety. She said: "Even those small ones (quakes) make us afraid. We are worried because (we are supposed to) run away. But where do we go? Where?"

Branding the situation as being "on edge", the mother-of-two is calling, like many, for government action. Experts say there is little chance of immediate eruption but are concerned about activity in the area.

They say geophysical activity is causing a ground uplift and descent, meaning many buildings could be left unstable and collapse in the event of future shakes. The government will attempt an evacuation should the buildings be in danger of collapse.

A similar bradyseism occurred four decades ago, where magma chambers filling and draining deep below the Earth's surface prompted the evacuation of 40,000 people. Local Vincenzo Russo said: "My family is divided… I want to stay, but my wife and children are looking for a house in the Castel Volturno area.

"When you sleep at night, the nightmare is always there. You forget the situation and you're on the couch, and then the tremor is there with you. There are big ones and small ones. Yesterday, for example, we had two small tremors before lunch."

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