Teacher ‘warns uni students not to become Putin’s cannon fodder’ and risks jail

A teacher is facing the possibility of five years in a Russian prison after warning students against becoming “cannon fodder” for brutal dictator Vladimir Putin.

University educator Olga Lizunkova, who teaches English, told her class it was better to be put behind bars than be sent to Ukraine – but was quickly reported to cops and has since been fired.

She is now awaiting her punishment and could either face a hefty fine for “discrediting the Russian army” or be sent to jail herself.

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The 25-year-old is accused of telling her students at the University of Engineering and Economics, in Nizhny Novgorod – who were at risk of being called up under Putin’s mobilisation drive – that Ukraine “is stronger and will win anyway”.

It was “better” to go to prison than become “cannon fodder” in Ukraine, she allegedly advised them.

She is now in trouble with the authorities over her “monologue” to students which was delivered two days after Putin announced the “partial mobilisation” of 300,000 civilian reservists, reported BAZA media.

The teacher has since claimed: “I didn’t advise them to go to jail. They misrepresented me. I said prison is better than war.”

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A spokesperson for the university’s administration said today that Olga “no longer seems to work” in her job, meaning it is likely she has been fired.

Strict laws in Russia stifle freedom of speech in an attempt to stop dissent over evil Vladimir Putin’s brutal invasion of Ukraine.

Olga was praised as “good and knowledgeable” by her previous employer at an English language school in the city.

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“Information was always presented very appropriately. Parents praised, children were happy,” they added.

Unrest is building in Russia following military failings in their bloody invasion of Ukraine and even Putin's allies are beginning to criticise their leader.

Earlier this week, a state media commentator known as the ‘Iron doll of Putin TV’ appeared to call out Russia’s military performance in Ukraine.

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