Father pushing his baby in a pram narrowly avoids being hit by a bus

Watch as father pushing his baby in a pram narrowly avoids being hit by a bus as it ploughs through zebra crossing

  • CCTV shows a young couple narrowly avoid a bus whilst on a zebra crossing 
  • The bus driver ploughed over the pedestrian walkway seemingly oblivious 

CCTV footage shows the moment a father with a baby in a pram has to avoid being hit by a bus as it surges through a zebra crossing.

Dan Overy and his partner Juliet Mayne were pushing their seven-month-old daughter in her buggy as they tried to cross the road – but were forced to stop to avoid being hit by a bus. 

The family were on the crossing for four seconds and had to pause as the bus passed, even waving in frustration at the apparently oblivious driver.

Ms Mayne, 39, and her partner, who have two children, said the incident on the zebra crossing, which has become notorious on Portsmouth Road in Lowford, near Southampton was ‘really scary’.

Ms Mayne, from Lowford, said: ‘We were going to the nursery to collect our eldest – we use that crossing all the time.

Mr Overy began to cross the busy road as there was a zebra crossing

But the couple were disgusted that the bus had ploughed through the zebra crossing whilst they were walking 

‘People use the road as a cut-through to avoid the busy Windhover Roundabout (near the M3 and a Tesco superstore).

‘Portsmouth Road is very dangerous at peak times, but even dangerous at other times too. It was really scary. ‘If the buggy had been a bit further forward, it could’ve been hit. We should feel we can use a zebra crossing safely.

‘A pedestrian crossing with traffic lights is the only solution.’ 

The crossing has seen multiple accidents in the last few months.

In December, pedestrian Jackie Carrington was struck by two vehicles in a double hit-and-run which left her with a fractured wrist.

While she was walking home, the 59 year old was knocked down by a white Ford Transit van as she was on a zebra crossing.

Then, a Ford Fiesta drove into ‘scared’ Miss Carrington as she lay on the ground, ‘rolled’ over her work laptop and drove away.

She spent four hours in A&E after the ‘disgusting’ incident, which was caught on CCTV.

Miss Carrington, from Southampton, said: ‘I can’t believe that you could hit anyone and just drive away. What possesses you to do that?’ 

The crossing has a poor reputation and similar incidents have been caught on CCTV there 

Like Ms Mayne, she is also calling for the zebra crossing to be replaced with something safer. 

She said: ‘I am hoping and praying that Eastleigh Borough Council follow through and put a pelican crossing there to replace the zebra crossing. 

‘I hope they do it as it will be safer for the whole community. 

‘I really hope they do something about it in a short space of time. I would like it to be tomorrow, but I know that’s not going to happen, but the sooner, the better.’ 

An Eastleigh Councillor, Steve Holes, raised the problem at a recent committee meeting. 

He said: ‘In recent months there has been a significant increase in traffic incidents on and around the zebra crossing in Lowford which calls into question the safety of pedestrians using the crossing. 

‘These incidents have taken place at all times of day, including during school run times when the school crossing patrol were present.’

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