Elle Brooke’s intense full body cryotherapy training made her ‘hard to kill’

Adult star-turned boxer Elle Brooke has revealed the sheer intensity of her pre-fighting debut regime, which made her “hard to kill”.

Elle faced former Love Island star AJ Bunker on Saturday night and won convincingly with all the judges scoring the bout 40-36 in her favour after four rounds.

Elle has now posted a 40-minute long YouTube documentary titled MY JOURNEY: BECOMING A BOXER, in which she offers fans a behind-the-scenes look at her preparations for the fight.

And in it, it shows just how she made herself “unkillable”, involving shadow boxing in a cryotherapy chamber at chilling minus 85C temperatures.

The documentary shows her boxing surrounded by ice so cold that she comes out of it and remarks about how just how freezing it is.

She screamed: “Look at my arm hair!

“Can you see my arm hair – it's frozen.

“Oh my god, it was chilly, but I like it – it was fun, I like it.”

Later in the documentary, it shows other parts of Elle's workout, including track running.

Elle, who is only five foot one inches tall, is seen taking part in sprint training.

She was doing 100-metre sprints in 15 second rounds, and a breathless Elle commented that she “almost died” because of how intense it was.

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She said: “This is hard – I'm having the best time training.

“I'm learning from the best – they're professionals.

“We're all learning and working together.”

Away from the training, she talked about how her previous fight against rival Astrid Wett broke down.

She sensationally revealed that the months-long spat between her and Astrid was entirely manufactured, that is until Elle was "doxed".

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Doxing is the act of publicly revealing previously private information about someone, usually online.

Speaking before Astrid pulled out, Elle explained in the documentary: "I had an arranged TikTok live with Astrid Wett and on that we were meant to be building up beef to announce the fight the day after.

"We all did what we said and had it prearranged, because nothing was real, it was all fake – and she took it too far.

"She doxed me, she exposed my real name on live to thousands and thousands of people."

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Elle said that it was never Astrid's choice to make, adding that she had "taken something from me that I can never get back".

She also opened up about how it impacted her personal life, explaining that using a "false name" online is a common practice within the porn industry to "protect you and your family".

For Elle, the "worst thing" was that Astrid didn't personally benefit from doing it.

She went on: "So now not only has she doxed where I live, she's doxed my real name and the worst thing is she has absolutely no benefit from that other than being spiteful and malicious.

"Everything was fake and pre-planned, and this fight had a clear roadmap on how it was going to be set.

"So for her to do that, I'm just completely in shock. It's my decision to make and it's been stripped from me.

"It's an unwritten rule that you don't do it within the industry. I've been so upset and I've cried so much."

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