Daniel Andrews steps down LIVE updates: Victorian premier steps down after nine years in power

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  • Next premier to be decided midday, Wednesday
  • What will the premier do next?
  • ‘I changed my mind’: Andrews on his promise to see out term
  • Housing statement a high note: premier
  • Andrews to immediately resign
  • Daniel Andrews expected to stand down at 1.30pm press conference
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Rewatch: Andrews announces he will step down

Premier Daniel Andrews’ snap press conference is now over, but you can rewatch his announcement below.

Andrews’ final message to Victorians

The outgoing premier’s press conference has now concluded with applause from his staff and family.

One of the final questions from the Victorian press gallery was: What is your final message to Victorians?

This was Andrews’ response:

Thank you so much. Doing this job has been the honour and privilege of my life and I have worked hard every day, not wasting a moment, to deliver our positive plans. To put people first, to do what matters, and I have will always be grateful – profoundly grateful – for the honour and privilege of leading this very special place.

Andrews shrugs off question about his biggest regret

The outgoing premier has suggested he’ll only take a few more questions, but one worth highlighting is the following exchange.

Reporter: If you had one thing you could do again, what would that be?

Andrews: I am not a regretful person. I have always been focused on the future. I’m sure many people would have answers to that question, and they might run to more than one thing, but that is a matter for them. This is a democracy. I’ve never been about being 100 per cent popular.

Next premier to be decided midday, Wednesday

As for who will replace him, Daniel Andrews says that will be a matter for the Labor caucus.

“There will be a caucus meeting at 12 o’clock tomorrow, and I am not here to speculate on who that might be and to give you my form guide or any of that – that will be determined by the colleagues,” Andrews told reporters.

“It is a matter for [my] colleagues and I am deeply respectful of that process.”

Deputy premier Jacinta Allan is widely tipped to become Victoria’s next premier.

What will the premier do next?

As for what Daniel Andrews will do after politics, the outgoing premier says his priority will be to spend some time with his wife, Catherine, and his children.

Daniel Andrews’ wife, Cath, and children watch as he announces his resignation. Credit: Jason South

“And play a bit of golf and read the pile of books that are sitting on the corner, that have not been read,” he added.

“I’ll do a few things that are about me and I am going to go through what would be a fairly challenging adjustment. I’m looking forward to a very different pace and doing different things. And, I think, at least a good part of it will be about trying to support Victoria to be strong and to be leading our nation.”

‘I changed my mind’: Andrews on his promise to see out term

Those who follow Victorian politics closely will know that last year, around the time of the November state election, Daniel Andrews promised to see out this term should he win a third term of government.

Here’s what the outgoing premier had to say when asked why he was walking back that promise:

[It was] true then, but I changed my mind.

When it’s time, it’s time. Let’s put it this way, perhaps: Doing this job requires a lot of hard work … it is not a complaint, it’s just the nature of it. And it requires a lot, not just of the person whose name is on the door; it requires a lot of the people that you love. You owe it to the people you love, to the people you serve and, frankly, you owe it to yourself to make the difficult but important decision to move on and give somebody else the amazing privilege to work hard every day for the people of this great state.

That is why I have changed my mind. It would be wrong to do anything different.

Housing statement a high note: premier

Staying with the premier’s press conference, and Daniel Andrews says he is resigning because he didn’t want to resent the job.

“I simply won’t allow that to happen,” he said.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has described the housing statement as his “last big reform”. Credit: Wayne Taylor

“However, I leave knowing that the housing statement – one of the most profound shakeups in one of the most important policy areas – will guarantee that Victorians across the state have somewhere to call home. After all, what can be more important than that?”

You can read more about that housing statement here.

Andrews to immediately resign

Premier Daniel Andrews has announced he will this afternoon visit Government House and resign as both premier and the member for Mulgrave.

His resignation will take effect from 5pm Wednesday.

“It’s not an easy decision,” he told reporters.

“It’s time to go and to give this privilege, this amazing responsibility, to someone else.”

Watch live: Premier’s snap press conference

You can watch Daniel Andrews’ snap press conference live below.

It’s being broadcast from the terrace at the back of parliament.

Daniel Andrews expected to stand down at 1.30pm press conference

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is due to hold a press conference around 1.30pm AEDT where he is widely expected to stand down after nine years in power.

The press conference was organised with just 40 minutes’ notice.

Asked if the premier was standing down, a cabinet minister, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said: “Yes.”

Another said it was a big announcement, but that it was not for them to say. Stay tuned.

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