Brit man, 40, dead and woman severely injured after ‘hotel sex game gone wrong’

A British man is dead and a woman believed to be his partner severely injured after what has been descried as a “sex game” went horribly wrong.

A chambermaid at a luxury £350-a-night hotel in Florence, Italy, raised the alarm after the British woman – who was “covered in cuts and bruises” begged her for help.

Paramedics rushed to the four-star Hotel Continentale in central Florence and the woman was taken to the nearby Careggi hospital where she is reported to be in a serious but stable condition.

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Italian newspaper La Nazione reports "Among the hypotheses that still have to be confirmed by the investigators is that of a quarrel between the two tourists which culminated in violence.

"Yet, the hypothesis of an erotic game that ended badly is not excluded." .

Other guests at the hotel were already said to have contacted the reception desk about “shouting and banging” coming from the couple’s room.

The 40-year-old British man who died is understood to have suffered a “seizure” while taking part in a sex game with his 43-year-old partner.

A local police source told MailOnline: “The people involved are both British and at the moment we are working on two theories an erotic game that went wrong or some sort of domestic argument, but the general direction is that of an erotic game."

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“The man was found with a series of cuts, bruises and other injuries on his body," the source added, "and so was the woman, – although she was more seriously hurt and the man appears to have had some sort of seizure.

“There is blood in the room and the forensic teams are working there at the moment while the woman has been taken to hospital for treatment”.

The woman’s condition is reportedly serious but not life threatening, and police say they anticipate being able to question her in the next few hours, at which point they will know more about the causes of this horrific incident.


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