Brazen group of 11 buck naked people stand starkers at skyscraper window

A group of 11 brazen men and women have sparked outrage after standing completely stark naked at a skyscraper window.

The flashy people were captured in images standing in the upper-floor plush apartment block in Medellin, Colombia, with some locals theorising that the group are part of some sort of sect.

At the beginning of the bizarre clip, just seven people are stood in front of the glass.

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The cameraperson, located in an opposite building, then zooms in on the group as more arrive in their birthday suits.

At the end of the clip, 11 naked men and women are seen lined up by the window on the Golden Mile in Medellin last Friday (September 8).

One local said: "We must tell the neighbours to buy a telephoto lens that allows us to see with better quality when zooming."

Daniel joked: "Haha they are doing an OnlyFans session."

Sergio wrote: "A meteorite please."

Nicolas remarked: "They must be part of a sect or something like that, but the act is not proper."

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Sora commented: "People can no longer do anything in their apartment because there is no shortage of people recording it, violating their privacy."

According to reports, it was not the first time the group had presented themselves in front of the window while completely naked.

The purpose of their brazen activity is unknown.

It is also unknown whether offended residents filed a complaint against the apartment's nude occupants.

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