Baby caught eating own poo on monitor as oblivious dad talk on phone

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A baby has been caught on camera learning the hard way that it isn’t nice to eat your own poo.

The video, understood to have come from China, shows the full range of emotions involved in learning this painful lesson.

The nine-month-old can be seen sitting on the floor while his dad lays down next him.

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Everything seems calm at first as the baby reaches up to his own mouth holding a dark lump.

Taking a bite he ponders for a second before a huge, full-body shiver runs through him.

He throws his arms up in the air and shakes his head wildly. A brown smear can be seen around his mouth.

Meanwhile dad, probably enjoying a few minutes of peace and quiet while the baby entertains himself, is completely unaware of what exactly it is his little one is finding so fascinating.

As the child learns the most important lesson he’ll get that day, dad stays focused on his phone.

The South China Morning Postreports that the child’s mother, who went by Huo, later noticed that the mats in the room had been changed.

She looked at the baby monitor where she made the hilariously disgusting discovery.

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On the Chinese social media platform Weibo, the clip has amassed seven million views.

After his grim snack, the baby gets up and leans on the sofa, at which point dad notices that something has gone wrong.

He tries to wipe his face but comes swiftly to the realisation of what it is that’s all around his kid's chops.

It was only at this point that he moved the kid out of the room.

Speaking to the South China Morning Post, the child’s mother said: “When I got home from work, I noticed that all of the mat covers had been changed, and I was wondering why he was so diligent about doing laundry.

“At first, my husband did not dare to tell me the truth, and only said that the baby pooped and soiled the mats.

“The baby was pooping, playing with, and even eating his own faeces right next to him, but he didn’t notice it until five minutes later,” she said.

“The baby kept looking at him the entire time, but he didn’t sense anything was wrong.”


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