Amazing transformation of Ukraine POW who was skin and bone just months ago

A Ukrainian prisoner of war has seen an amazing transformation after being rescued and subsequently pushed through recovery thanks to a football club.

FC Shakhtar has funded and overseen the "successful" recovery of Ukrainian POW Mykhailo Dianov, a soldier captured at Azovstal.

The soldier had previously make a huge donation to a charity supporting Ukrainian children, and has since seen football club FC Shakhtar come to his aid in a gruelling recovery for the 42-year-old.

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A trip to the USA for some necessary surgeries has left Dianov, who received a bullet wound during a defence of Mariupol, recovering after his horror wound.

Said wound, as shown in a series of snaps tweeted out by the official FC Shakhtar account, has been treated by a top team of American doctors.

The club has not only paid for Dianov's flight to and from the United States but also his surgery and medical bills.

The 42-year-old had previously revealed he was down to just flesh and bones when rescuers found the prisoner of war, who had dropped six stone while in a Russian prison.

Horrifying the transformation was, some experts claim the state of Dianov when he was first found is clear proof that the 42-year-old had suffered under Russian crimes against humanity.

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One outlet claimed that Dianov had been "abused and dehumanised" during his stay at a POW camp, with previous reports cited by News24 of "inhumane treatments and torture" carried out at the site.

Dianov had been held alongside 800 other inmates, with Metro previously reporting the 800-strong prisoners group had been pushed into a confined space meant for just 150 people.

The 42-year-old has further told of his experiences inside, with beatings, electrical shocks and needle torture all administered by sick Russian operatives on the prisoners of war.

He said: "Believe me, after a month of being starved, when you close your eyes, you forget about your family, about your country, about everything. The only thing you think about is food.

"It was impossible to eat. You were given 30 seconds for each meal. In 30 seconds you had to eat everything you could. Bread was deliberately very hard. Guys who had their teeth knocked out couldn’t manage to eat in time.

"Everyone is traumatised. I consider myself to be a mentally strong person, but for me a lot of things have lost their value."

Dianov had been released earlier this year alongside 215 other soldiers who were captured during the defence of the Azovstal steel plant, Metro reported.

FC Shakhtar, who funded the operation on Dianov's weakened arm, added: "It was successful. Mykhailo’s right arm is going to be fully functional after rehabilitation. Dianov will return to Ukraine within the next few days."

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