‘You sat there when Labour BROKE law!’ Starmer given huge public dressing down in Commons

Starmer shuts down by MP over Labour ‘breaking’ law

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The Conservative MP for North West Durham intervened in the motion of confidence debate in Parliament on Monday to demand why Sir Keir Starmer had not taken action when the Labour Party was deemed to have broken the law over the issue of anti-Semitism by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Mr Holden told Parliament: “The Right Honourable gentleman sounds like it’s describing his own actions.

“When for year after year he sat there while the Labour Party were found guilty of breaching the law by the ECHR on the antisemitism of the Honourable member of Islington North.

“Why didn’t he have the courage to stand up at the time?!”

Sir Keir told the Commons: “Members opposite need to face up to what they have done, what they have put this country through.

“Despite knowing exactly who he is, despite knowing that he always puts himself before anyone else, despite knowing that he had been fired from job after job for lying, they elected him to lead their party.

“He behaved exactly as everyone feared when he got into Downing Street.

“He lurched from one scandal to the next, he demeaned his office and he started to drag everyone and everything down with him.”

Sir Keir added: “We are having this debate because dozens of frontbenchers resigned their posts, because they wouldn’t serve this Prime Minister. They are sacking him because he is untrustworthy, that is why we are having this debate.”


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