Tories’ warning after Ed Davey refuses to say if Lib Dems want to rejoin EU

Ed Davey grilled on if Lib Dems want to rejoin EU

Tories warned the Liberal Democrats would look to drag the UK back to the EU despite Sir Ed Davey dodging the issue of rejoining.

The Lib Dem leader repeatedly refused to answer whether the party wants to return to the bloc during an awkward grilling on the BBC this morning.

But Conservative former Cabinet minister Simon Clarke said the Liberal Democrats would “take us back into the chaos of the Brexit wars given the first opportunity”.

Mr Clarke told “The Liberal Democrats’ desire to be all things to all people never ceases to amaze so it’s no surprise Ed Davey is refusing to say whether they would rejoin the EU.

“But every scrap of evidence suggests they would take us back into the chaos of the Brexit wars given the first opportunity.

“They never accepted the result of the people’s decision and their smug belief that they know best continues to define their politics.”

Fellow Tory Michael Fabricant said: “The message is clear. Lib Dems both locally and nationally want to rejoin the EU. If we don’t want all that trauma again, it’s plain how people should vote.”

A source from the European Research Group of Tory Brexiteers added: “It is clear that the Lib Dems remain absolutely fanatical about the issue and will continue to do everything they can to drag us back into the EU.

“It is hardly surprising to say, but you simply can’t trust either Labour or the Lib Dems with regard to respecting the democratic wishes of the British people.”

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It comes as the Lib Dems have shifted their focus to topics such as the cost of living and sewage after returning just 11 MPs on a promise to reverse Brexit in the 2019 general election.

The party has proposed a four-stage road map to “rebuild” the UK’s relationship with the EU, which would aim to return to the single market.

There is an ultimate goal of returning to full membership but no timeline has been set out.

But many members believe the Lib Dems should be pushing to rejoin the bloc as soon as possible.

Speaking today, Sir Ed said he wants the UK to “rebuild” its relationship with Brussels and be at the “heart of Europe” but would not go as far as to say Britain should rejoin the bloc.

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